Sunday, August 23, 2015

Sunday Musings

In ten minutes, it's my husband's birthday!

That means I'm making a cake later this week, which I will share with you. I'm gonna try my hand at one of my husband's favorites - Granny M's Chocolate Cake. Stay tuned. (That's what Sophie is eating below. Doesn't she look happy?)

I also want to make these chocolate peanut butter bars. No baking required! 

And, I want to make this shrimp dish, except I'm going to use regular pasta. I'm not slicing up a bunch of zookers, as my dad called them. This infuriated my mother, for some reason.

Excited to learn how to make a nekkid cake.

I'm STARVING! What's new.

I'm reading The Paris Wife. Even though I've never liked Hemingway.

I'm thinking about fall, and fall wardrobes, and birthday parties.

Did I mention I love Pinterest? Yeah.

You may laugh at me, but I'm obsessed with watching this guy's videos about Charleston, SC and the Mount Pleasant area.

A few people I know and love are making potential love connections tonight and I'm dying to hear how it's all going!

Finally - I'm writing again. All these people I know are writing and publishing and it's inspiring me to write. And, I'm finding that being home all day with two very small people leaves your brain open to a lot of creative thinking - the kind of creative thinking you don't have time to do at work, or when you're busy talking to other adults or watching television. Figuring out characters and a loose plot keeps my brain busy and sane. Not to mention happy. Happy is good.

(If you haven't read in a while, there are a few new posts below. I'm not going to tell FB every time I post. That might be annoying.)

Cheers to a great week, everybody!



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